Taking Up Biking for Fitness and Recreation


If you are not yet into biking, now is a good time to take it up for fitness and recreation. It offers a lot of potential benefits not to mention the loads of fun you can get from it. The cycling skills you need are fairly easy to learn and pick up again even after several years of not doing it. Biking takes you to places where you see and experience things you would otherwise miss. And one of the best things about it is that it does not require much for you to get started.

Choose the right equipment

Get the bicycle that best fits your need. You do not have to shop for pricey equipment. Choose a bike that best fits your requirements. Use a cycling helmet that provides ample protection. And pick clothing and shoes that make your biking trips more comfortable.

Start slow and easy

One of the tricks in sticking to any exercise or physical activity is to keep it interesting and fun. The last thing you want is to feel miserable right off the bat. You can start short, slow, and easy during your first few rides. Find cycling groups in your community where you can learn the ropes and ride with other beginners. Or you can bike at leisure along your neighborhood bike lanes or at a park or biking facility near you.

Think safety

Learn the best ways to keep yourself safe on your bike rides. Read up on biking safety rules. Equip yourself with safety gears every time you venture out. Always carry an emergency contact card with you when you go out for rides. Bring a hydration pack or a water bottle and make sure that you stay hydrated while on the road. Another important aspect of bicycling safety is to ensure that you observe and follow traffic rules. Avoid riding in the dark, wear suitable clothing and reflectors that make you easily noticeable, and more.

Keep it fun

Variety is one of the things that keep biking fun. Explore new routes that are appropriate to your skill level. Look for new scenic bike paths to take. Or you can invite friends for a day of fun ride in the countryside. You can also come up with new challenges that can help you progress.

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