4 Travel Destinations that Biking Enthusiasts Would Love

Biking is a great way to explore cities and other scenic destinations. Imagine the fun you can have if you set out on two wheels to see more of the places you are visiting. There is not dearth of bike tours to choose from in different parts of the world. But some cities are veritable havens for bike lovers. If you are thinking of spending your vacation away from home, here are some of the best bike-friendly cities that you may want to add to your list of possible destinations.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Amsterdam is a popular tourist attraction for a lot of great reasons. Its canal system, buildings with beautiful facades, Museum District, and more are among its biggest draws. The city is also high on top of the list of the bike-friendly cities in the world. There are several bike paths many of which pass through scenic spots that make the trip on two wheels more enjoyable. The place is practically teeming with bicycles. Most people travel around on bikes as new paths and lanes appear to make biking even more convenient.

2. Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux not only produces some of the world’s best-tasting wines. It also now boasts of hundreds of miles of bicycle paths. There are several experienced and highly knowledgeable guides who can take you to scenic routes where you can explore the city and nearby areas. There are also several off the beaten bike paths that lead to interesting sights. Some of the best things to see when bicycling in Bordeaux include beautiful architecture, monuments, quaint streets, picturesque villages, breathtaking vineyards, and more.

3. Banff, Alberta, Canada


Banff is a resort town that sits within the Banff National Park. It boasts of over a hundred miles of mountain-bike trails. These trails are located in the midst of natural scenery that showcases spectacular landscape with views of snow-capped mountains, stunning lakes, lush trees, wildlife, and more. You can rent a bike from one of the rental facilities in town. With so many trails to choose from, finding a place to explore on two wheels should not be a hardship when in Banff.

4. Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is another bike-friendly city with several miles of bike paths and lanes. Traffic signals make it easy for cyclists to travel around. And there is no shortage of parking areas in many destinations downtown. These are among the top reasons why the city has a significant number of people using bicycles to travel to work or school every day.

6 Essential Tools Bikers Should Have

Chain Tool

At some point in your biking life, you’ll need to remove your old chain and replace it. For that task, you’ll need a chain tool to detach the chain and put on a new one. Even if you don’t have to replace the chain, you’ll still need this tool for whenever the link gets stuck. This is a light and portable tool, so don’t worry about bringing it along with you as you ride.

Tire Levers

Changing tires will be a hassle without this wide and flat blade made of hard plastic. This tool is your tires’ best friend. However, you should know that some levers work best with the tires of the same brand, so if possible, buy a tire lever that has the same manufacturer as your tires.


Whether you’re a cyclist or not, a multitool is something you need to own. You could settle for a palm-sized one for emergencies. Taking it with you won’t be troublesome as well. Most multitool models include a chain tool, a screwdriver, hex keys of different sizes, and different-sized wrenches. I recommend Dewalt’s multitool.

Check out other Dewalt tools now.

Floor Pump

Do I really have to emphasize how much you need this? Before trekking with your bike or participating in a race, make sure you check all your tires. If they lack air, just get your floor pump and fix the problem.

Gear Cleaning Brush

This brush comes with two different ends—one should be used to clear up the cogs of your cassette, and the other should clean the derailleur pulleys, crank arms, etc. Keeping your bike clean is one proof that it’s important to you. Besides, a neat bike speaks of how clean and responsible you are as a person.

Hex Keys

Don’t call yourself a bike lover if you don’t own Allen keys! You should have the following sizes: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Note that there are sets made for bikes, but if you’ve found quality ones in a hardware store, buy them; they’ll suffice.


Top Reasons the Outdoor Life Makes You a Better Person


It has been said many times, spending time outdoors is good for you. There have been numerous studies that back it up. Dramatic and inspiring landscapes, lush forests with its myriad of unique scents and sounds, and the stunning sights that can only be found in the wilderness are just some of the best things about being outdoors. But there are more to the awe-inspiring things that you can find when you spend enough time with nature. The outdoors can also give you some of the greatest life lessons you can learn. And here are just some of them.

Experience life offline
Taking a hike into the woods, climbing a mountain, or camping in the middle of nowhere under a canopy of stars are some of the things that give you a chance to disconnect from the online world and experience it for real. Finding yourself in a place with no internet or WiFi shifts your focus to the present moment. You learn to notice the things that you take for granted in your everyday life. It nurtures your sense of wonder and ability to appreciate the small things you find in your natural environment.

Discover the things you can live without
People are creatures of comfort. And not many choose to step out from their comfort zone and rough it out in the wild. But the outdoors is like a vast learning space and playground where you can discover a lot of things not just from around you but also from within. Out there, you learn by experience that there are many things that you can actually live without like a comfortable bed and smartphone and other necessities that may not be as necessary as you think them to be.

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Kids When Biking


Let’s face it.

It’s pretty normal for kids to get wounded, especially when they are playing outside with friends. But when it comes to outdoor activities like biking, there’s no such thing as too much for parents worrying about their kid’s safety.

Those being said, here are some tips to ensure the safety of your kid when biking:

Always check the bike for damages.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. One way to ensure the safety of your kid when biking is to make sure that everything is working great. Make it a point to always check the bike for damages, as well as for repairs it might need to have first, before letting your kid ride on it.

Always make your kid wear safety gears.

IKR? Most kids refuse wearing safety gears when biking. But still, you need to be firm about this to your kid. Always make your kid wear safety gears – not just to prevent him from lying on a hospital bed for children after just a few hours of biking, but also for him to be more responsible with his actions.

Always make your kid pack essentials.

Biking essentials for kids include a water bottle and a snack pack. This is not just for him to fill up after biking for some time, but also for him to prevent any kind of serious accidents that stems from just being too exhausted to bike around properly.

Inform your kid on the don’ts of biking.

Once again, prevention is better than cure. Another way to ensure the safety of your kid when biking is to make sure that he is well-informed. Make it a point to inform your kid on the don’ts of biking, as well as the consequences for breaking one, before letting your kid ride on it.

Taking Up Biking for Fitness and Recreation


If you are not yet into biking, now is a good time to take it up for fitness and recreation. It offers a lot of potential benefits not to mention the loads of fun you can get from it. The cycling skills you need are fairly easy to learn and pick up again even after several years of not doing it. Biking takes you to places where you see and experience things you would otherwise miss. And one of the best things about it is that it does not require much for you to get started.

Choose the right equipment

Get the bicycle that best fits your need. You do not have to shop for pricey equipment. Choose a bike that best fits your requirements. Use a cycling helmet that provides ample protection. And pick clothing and shoes that make your biking trips more comfortable.

Start slow and easy

One of the tricks in sticking to any exercise or physical activity is to keep it interesting and fun. The last thing you want is to feel miserable right off the bat. You can start short, slow, and easy during your first few rides. Find cycling groups in your community where you can learn the ropes and ride with other beginners. Or you can bike at leisure along your neighborhood bike lanes or at a park or biking facility near you.

Think safety

Learn the best ways to keep yourself safe on your bike rides. Read up on biking safety rules. Equip yourself with safety gears every time you venture out. Always carry an emergency contact card with you when you go out for rides. Bring a hydration pack or a water bottle and make sure that you stay hydrated while on the road. Another important aspect of bicycling safety is to ensure that you observe and follow traffic rules. Avoid riding in the dark, wear suitable clothing and reflectors that make you easily noticeable, and more.

Keep it fun

Variety is one of the things that keep biking fun. Explore new routes that are appropriate to your skill level. Look for new scenic bike paths to take. Or you can invite friends for a day of fun ride in the countryside. You can also come up with new challenges that can help you progress.